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A few thoughts…well 12 actually

  1. You are procrastinating if you are putting off what you want to do or what is in your best interests to do at a time when it is in your best interests to do.

  2. Be specific about your starting time…’at 2 pm’ not ‘sometime this afternoon.’

  3. You are procrastinating if it is 2.01 pm and you have not started.

  4. Watch your rationalisations for not starting. There are very few good reasons why you have not started and many rationalisations.

  5. Ask yourself, ‘What conditions do I think I NEED before beginning the task’? Specify these.

  6. Now ask yourself, ‘Is it possible for me to begin the task in the absence of these conditions?’ The answer is almost always ‘Yes, it is POSSIBLE’

  7. Now you have a choice….and it is a choice: 1) Wait for the conditions that you previously deemed necessary to begin the task to exist or 2) Begin the task without these conditions being present. Remember you have previously acknowledged that it is possible for you to begin the task without the ‘necessary’ conditions being present.

  8. If you have begun work….stop reading this article immediately and get on with your work.

  9. If you haven’t started, you are procrastinating. Go back to the beginning of this article and follow the steps until you have begun the task

  10. Repeat the above

  11. That’s it

  12. Or one more thing. You can accept yourself unconditionally as a fallible human being if you continue to procrastinate, but do not use such self-acceptance to justify procrastinating.

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