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About ONEplus Therapy
(Also known as Single-Session Therapy)

What is ONEplus Therapy?

ONEplus therapy occurs when you and I agree to meet for one session with the intention of me helping you to walk away from the session with the help you are looking for, which, when you implement it, will make a meaningful difference to your life. It is also important for you to realise that more help is available should you request it.


Is ONEplus Therapy for Me?

ONEplus therapy is for you if you are stuck with an emotional or behavioural problem and are looking for a way to get unstuck. If you seek ongoing therapy to address your problems, it is not for you. 


For Which Issues Can ONEplus Therapy be Helpful?

ONEplus therapy can help you address the same issues that can be addressed in other forms of therapy delivery. The difference is that in ONEplus therapy, we will work from moment one to help you to take away what you have come for on the issue you have chosen to discuss with me. Thus, in ONEplus therapy, I do not take a case history or carry out an extensive assessment of you and your problems.

Can I Prepare for ONEplus Therapy?

Once you decide to have ONEplus therapy, I will send you a contract to sign. On receipt, we will make an appointment. Beforehand, I will send you a pre-session questionnaire to complete and return. While this is optional and not mandatory, the questionnaire is designed to help you prepare for the session so that you get the most from it. Sharing your questionnaire with me before the session also helps me prepare for the session.

What Does ONEplus Therapy Involve?

Once you decide to have ONEplus therapy, I will send you a contract to sign. On receipt, we will make an appointment. At the beginning of the session, I will check that you understand the purpose of the session, and if so, I will help you to clarify what you want to take away from the session. We will then agree on a focus for the session, which is usually the issue for which you seek help. It is my responsibility to help us both keep to this focus. I will then help you to discover a potential solution to the problem and encourage you to rehearse it in the session to see if it is right for you. If so, I will help you to develop a plan to implement the session and clarify with you what your takeaways are from the session.

What Happens at the End of the Session? 

At the end of the session, we will discuss the next steps. The options are i) You concluding that you got what you came for and need no further help; ii) You indicating that you want like some time to reflect on the session, put into practice what you learned and then decide if you need further help and iii) You deciding that you would like further help which might include having another session, having an agreed block of sessions or opting for ongoing therapy. If at the end of the session, we agree that you need more specialised help than I can provide, then I will help you find such help. 

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?
  • At the moment, I am only offering ONEplus therapy online.

  • With your permission, I will record the session and send you an audio recording of the session free of charge.

  • If you want a written transcript, I can provide one at what it costs me to have it transcribed professionally.

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